Monday 23 November 2015

Sunday Christmas Baking - Round One

Since I work Monday through Saturday (one of perks - haha - of managing your own office) I am very protective of my Sundays.  I try to have all my errands and "chores" done by Saturday night so Sunday belongs to me.  Even my friends know that unless something is planned in advance chances are very good that I will not even get properly dressed.  I have my breaky, do anything that may really need to be done (like my treadmill and the kitty litter ... both equally despised) then have a shower and put on a clean pair of pajamas.  Then the safe bet is I will make a latte, grab a book and read.

Of course, 'tis the season, so I am doing my holiday baking now.  Years ago I started giving home baked Christmas goodies to co-workers, the young man who mows my lawn, my BFF ('cause she doesn't bake), one or two neighbours and of course my daughters.  It was something I enjoyed doing and when money was tight I thought it was a nice way to share the spirit of the season without the stress and expense of Christmas shopping.  The list of recipients has grown and the past few years it has turned into quite the production.  This year I kind of put out the word that maybe, just maybe, I might forgo the baking this year (it is time consuming and really not that inexpensive anymore).  That statement was met with more than a few pouty faces and half-hearted that's okays.  You would have thought I'd announced there is no Santa Claus.

My oldest daughter actually threw her hands up in the air and announced "Well, now you've gone and totally ruined Christmas".  She was kidding of course, but someone once said many a truth is spoken in jest.

I have a strong "guilt complex" so I took my self off to the grocery store and bought the 10 Kg bag of flour and then to Bulk Barn to get other various and sundry items I would need and began my baking, starting with all the baking I knew would freeze well.

Needless to say no reading got done yesterday and I didn't think to plug an audio book into my ears - just as well - often the mixer and the food processor drown it out anyway.  I just thought I'd share what I was up to yesterday ...

Gooey Chocolate Butter Cookies, Gooey Lemon Coconut Butter Cookies (these are the easiest cookies and the world to make), White Chocolate Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti and Dark Chocolate Walnut Biscotti below.

Fruitcake Cookies (my fave) and Chocolate Rolled Cookies below.


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