Saturday 14 November 2015

Je T'aime

I was out for dinner last night with friends.  It was a celebration of a couple of birthdays that have happened this month, but it was also a celebration of decades of friendship.  I came home feeling very cozy and loved … then I turned on the television and heard about the horror that I had been oblivious to as I enjoyed my evening.  I felt sad but I also felt a little guilty and very scared!  Scared because of what had happened but also scared because some ugly thoughts were starting to creep through my, otherwise rational and I like to think open, mind.

This morning’s news did not alleviate any of those feelings.  I signed on to Facebook and in amongst the rants and raves posted I found this …

"Can I just take this opportunity to remind you all that Mr. Mohammed from your local shop wasn't involved in last nights attacks on Paris. Neither was Mrs Azeer from Lloyds Bank or her family.  Kamal from down the road has never been to Paris, and his brother Abdul, the taxi driver, was watching the news in horror along with everyone else.”

It’s important! 

My thoughts and prayers to those in Paris and for all of us because every time something like this happens anywhere, no matter who the perpetrator, it effects all of our lives.


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