Tuesday 24 November 2015

Is That a Werd?

Today is going to be a busy day and I have nothing prepared for my daily NaBloPoMo post, until this came up and got me thinking about a quick post.

When my girls played rep sports we spent a lot of time in the car traveling to various sports venues.  Let me tell you they do not call them "travel teams" for nothing!  We enjoyed making up ridiculous stories as we drove along.  I always said someday I would write them out, which I still might.  But spending all that time in the car, especially after long days spend at tournaments, sometimes you get so tired your mouth does not want to work correctly anymore.  Things fall out that make you shake your head and laugh.  Which led to an imaginary world we made up called "Joe-Land" where nothing could be used except combination words to alleviate the stress of trying to think up a perfect word when you're talking.  There were a lot of rules around "Joe-Land" but just to give you an example ... the national sport was "BaBoJengGolf"; Baseball or Basketball (depending on the season)/Bowling/Jenga/Golf.  (Cut us some slack, the girls were young)


I recently wished another blogger I follow a Happy Blog Anniversary.  I simply commented "Happy Blogiversary".  I know I didn't make up that word - I'm not usually that clever - but judging from the comments people had not heard it before ... so ... I'm claiming it as my word for today. 

That just reminded me of another word I read in a book (Red Tide by Jeff Lindsay) recently, that I meant to comment on in my review and forgot.  The word was "coughter".  I mentioned it to my daughter and she immediately knew what it was - uncontrollable laughing until it makes you cough - and then she said "that would be an awesome word for Joe-Land."  It warmed my heart that she even remembered that made up place.

So there are my first two contributions to "Is that a Werd".  Has anyone else come across words that are not real but yet convey the thought perfectly.  I'd love to see them 'cause who knows, Joe-Land may need a dictionary some day?


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