Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Being a frequent library patron I have often found interesting things tucked into books, I am assuming as bookmarks, and then forgotten about ... credit card receipts, grocery receipts, greeting cards ... the list goes on.  I recently came across #ThingsFoundinBooks on Facebook.  Working in a used bookstore, especially one that deals with really old books, obviously leads to a treasure trove of "found" items.  These were some of the ones I found interesting.

Obviously, not having loaned books returned has been a problem through the ages ...

This postcard requesting "one cent postage" ... ahhhh ... those were the days!

A 1947 letter to someone who ordered a book from Penguin ... being informed of a change in policy and the fact that postage has gone up to 5 cents.

A to-do list.  Wedding and 3 onions?

A poem or a quote from the book?  I'm not sure which.

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