Saturday, 18 April 2015

AUTHOR EVENTS - Charlotte Gray

My reading tastes are fairly eclectic.  Two things I do enjoy are true crime books and books that have locales with which I am familiar.  The Massey Murder combines those two things in a readable and informative book.  (my complete review of the book can be found on Goodreads).

As I was reading the book I had one of those "wait a minute" moments that made me Google the Massey Mansion to see if I was correct.  I was!  The Massey Mansion is now The Keg Mansion in Toronto and I have enjoyed dinner there.  I thought that was pretty cool!  No wonder the restaurant is rumored to be haunted.

I was off to my local library again when I heard that Charlotte Gray and Edward Greenspan, one of Canada's best known criminal defense attorney's, were going to be there discussing The Massey Murder not only as a book but the case itself.  Mr. Greenspan discussed how he would have defended Carrie Davies.  It was a riveting discussion and I was surprised at how much humour Mr. Greenspan displayed.  At the risk of being accused of stereotyping I wasn't expecting it.  Sadly, not long after the event Mr. Greenspan passed away, so I was even more pleased to have been able to hear him speak.

Ms. Gray's book The Massey Murder was chosen as the Waterloo Region One Book - One Community read for 2014.

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