Friday 11 September 2015

First time I "Sampled"


Not all books are for all readers … favorite genres, authors, story-lines and characters all play into the books I choose.  It is especially difficult when it is a debut author to decide which book is going to be my next read by the cover or (generally unknown) author alone, so I may pick up a book, get several pages or chapters into the story and decide that, unfortunately, this may not be a book I’m going to enjoy.

For the first time I have availed myself of a “Sampler”.  I must say I was very impressed and would never hesitate to browse through one again in the future.  The “Sampler” lists books that are being released in the upcoming season.

For each book the Sampler includes the cover art (always appreciated!!), the author (obviously!), the release date, the book “blurb” and some information about the author.  The best part is it then goes on to give the reader a generous section of the book to – as the name implies – sample.
I thought it a wonderful tool and have consequently added several more titles to my growing TBR list.


Just as I was about to post my thoughts about the FALL 2015 SAMPLER I noticed that the WINTER 2016 SAMPLER was available.  Of course, I had to check it out to see what was in the not so distant future for my available reading choices by debut authors. 

These Samplers are not only very informative but also quite fun to read through.  Again, not every book is to my taste but that’s what makes the variety offered so appealing.  The information offered is complete and the “sample” reads give me enough of a taste of the book that I can make an informed decision on what is going to end up on my night table through the long winter months.  So far it’s looking like “Fallen Land” by Taylor Brown (civil war era historical fiction), “Once a Crooked Man” by David McCallum (Yes, THAT David McCallum! … crime thriller), “Every Anxious Wave” by Mo Daviau (worm holes, time travel and music … what’s not to love?) and, “The Two-Family House” by Lynda Cohen-Loigman (a family saga with secrets, pacts and lies).

Oh, let’s face it, from a cozy murder mystery to historical fiction involving the Titanic … they all sound pretty good.  And, after all, in my neck of the woods the winter is long and cold … lots of time for reading.

* I received these Samplers from St. Martin’s Press at no charge via Netgalley
in exchange for an honest review *

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