Tuesday 29 September 2015

Did You Ever?

As do many others, I'm sure, I receive emails from various sites that highlight free and discounted books available at online retailers and book sites. I occasionally avail myself of the offers because ... well ... they're FREE! Granted some of the books are duds, but personally I enjoy at least glancing through because quite often I find what I consider to be a "hidden gem".  It's kind of like the on line version of the bargain shelf at the book store (only better because it tells you when you already have that tempting book on your shelf).

This one came through in an email today and my first reaction was "WOW, that looks like a book I would enjoy." And then I thought about it.  Let's see a story told from the perspective of an animal (bull elk) - following along a wild animal's life.  Said animal is in the wild and probably chased by any number of predators (see wolf eyes on cover - dead giveaway!), maybe going through times of limited food and long migrations.

I saw Bambi!

I read "Where the Red Fern Grows"

I sometimes brave watching "Animal Planet".

I think I should definitely pass on this book because in the deepest cockles of my heart I KNOW I will be sitting quietly and sobbing into my coffee cup at the end of this book!

Did I load it onto my Kindle?  Of course I did!  You  know ... just in case I ever decide to brave it, because I still think, "WOW, that looks like a book I would enjoy."

Do you ever plan to or start to read a book knowing it is going to devolve you into an emotional mess?  Or is it just me?

If you are interested this the the link for AMAZON.

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