Monday, 24 August 2015

Rescue Me, Maybe - A Review

* I received this ebook at no charge via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review *

When you find a penny, superstition says that it is a penny from heaven, sent by a loved to tell you either “everything’s okay” or “watch out, something momentous is going to happen.”  But, what does it mean if the Penny you find has four legs and wagging tail?

Jane Bailey has had one hell of a couple of weeks because she lost both her husband and her dog to cancer.  What most people didn’t know (or so Jane thought) was that things were not so great in her marriage before her husband became ill and, truth be told, although she was certainly grieving her husband’s death she wasn’t sorry he was “gone” AND she missed her dog more.

Jane has decided that she is going to leave the hated city of Philadelphia (her words, not mine) and return to her beloved San Diego.  However, with little money and no job prospects it was going to be a tough move.  When her aunt and uncle offer her an opportunity to run their B&B while Aunt Sugar has some surgery Jane, while not jumping for joy, she does jump at the chance to live rent-free while she is job hunting, then plans to get herself to San Diego as soon as her aunt is well enough to resume looking after the place.  Well … best laid plans and all that.  Things soon change when an abandoned puppy, a handsome handy man, an outgoing coworker and set of unusual circumstance all fall into her path.

This book was a “feel good” read.  It had a little bit of everything; an untenable situation, a bossy mother-in-law, a pushy mom, a good dose of guilt, a little bit of love and lots of angst about what it going to happen next – all tied up with a pretty pink bow at the end.  Exactly the kind of read I enjoy on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Once again Ms. Bouchard has won me over with a lovely story where the dog melts everyone’s heart.  If you are looking for a cozy read “Rescue Me, Maybe” certainly fits the bill.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from Amazon’s Author Page)

Jackie Bouchard (, a USA Today bestselling author, writes what she calls Fido-friendly fiction - humorous and heart-warming stories about women and the dogs that profoundly impact their lives.

She spent a long time as a creative soul trapped in the body of a practical person. When she was bitten by the writing bug, she managed to leap free of the hamster wheel of corporate America, and now spends her days walking her dog, talking to her dog, and listening for the voices in her head that want their stories told. When the voices don't talk to her, she can often be found staring into the refrigerator.

After growing up in Southern California, Jackie moved to Bermuda, where she met her husband. Now back in San Diego, American Jackie, her Canadian hubby, and her Mexican rescue mutt form their own happy little United Nations.

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