Wednesday 26 August 2015

I Think I'm Done Now ...

As I was posting a review a few weeks ago it slowly dawned on me that I had been reviewing an awful lot of books about dogs or with cute pictures of dogs on the cover.  I nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders and carried on ... until a friend also mentioned “You seem to be on a bit of a dog binge lately”.

I couldn’t deny it any longer … it was true.

It wasn’t on purpose!  Really!  REALLY!!

To make matters even worse, when I had a look at my TBR pile, there were several more books with dogs as the theme or on the cover.  Was I becoming obsessed with these furry beasts?
No!  NO!!  Coincidence … that all!  Happenstance!  Serendipity!  Pure chance!

To nip this obsession coincidence in the bud, or at least get it under control, or better yet … get it over and done with … I pulled all the books even remotely dealing with dogs to the forefront of my reading list.  Today I posted my review of “Dogtology”, a fitting book to end the cycle since it dealt with why dog lovers become so obsessed – NOT saying I was obsessed ... NOT that there would be anything wrong with that.

It was somehow apropos to post my last (for now) “dog book” review today since it’s ...

It also seemed somehow appropriate, yet done with great personal fear and trepidation, to compile all the books I have read about dogs lately and see how bad extensive it actually was. 

Interestingly enough ... two of my favorite reads this year happen to be dog books.  Coincidence?  Law of averages?  I think not!  All dog issues aside, they are simply wonderful books.

I think I’m done now … on to cats!!!!!!!!

Just kidding!  Sheesh!

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