Sunday 13 November 2016

In Paris They Read REAL Books

When my daughters and I were in Paris recently we walked (and walked ... and walked ... and walked) to the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens, which were highly recommended by a friend of my youngest daughter.  Excellent recommendation by the way!  We stopped at some quaint shops and purchased a picnic lunch complete with (the obligatory) bottle of wine to enjoy in this gorgeous setting.  When we finished our wine and cheese feast we strolled around the grounds.  One of things that immediately popped out at me (being the book nerd that I am) was the extraordinary number of people who were sitting and reading in the park.  Not only that BUT reading REAL books.

I live in a house so if I want to read outdoors I can step out the door and read on the front porch-ette or in the backyard.  Heft of a real book -- no problem.  These folks carried books in their bags and purses to read in the park.  I prefer real books (of course) but for portability nothing beats my eReader. 

I found this very interesting and (much to the chagrin of my daughters -- I'm sure) I began surreptitiously snapping pics of these folks enjoying their books.

At Versailles?  Same thing!  Parisians certainly enjoy beautiful settings to sit and read.  In my opinion, the only thing missing was an extra large cup of Cafe au Lait.

I loved it!

In Paris They Read REAL Books - Kizoa Movie Maker - Video Editor

So, thanks to all the folks enjoying their books who (hopefully) didn't realize I was taking their pictures.   You all made me smile!