Tuesday 18 August 2015

Adult Coloring Book Freebie

The tag line reads "Rediscover your Creativity".

There are many kinds of creativity and I like to think that I have a varied assortment of creative talents.  However, I am also quite realistic about the fact that art and drawing are DEFINITELY NOT where my talents lie.  I admire people who can draw and paint and sculpt, I can quite happily lose myself in art galleries and museums for hours on end and I have a bucket list of works of art I would like to see in person.  I'm an "Appreciator"!

Truth be told, I was one of those moms who would have a mini panic attack if one of my girls came up to me and said "Mommy, can you draw me a puppy?"  I would have to admit, "No Sweetie, Mommy has a hard time drawing stick people."

But coloring?  Now that's another story.  I can certainly color with the best of them and spent many happy times coloring with my girls when they were little.  So it has not escaped my attention that lately there have been a significant number of "Adult Coloring Books" on the market.  Hmmm ... interesting concept I thought to myself.  Have I bought one?  No, because quite frankly I have enough things in my life that I can do to waste use up my precious time.  Will I buy one?  Probably, but only as a gift for that person that "has everything" or is "difficult to buy for".

In the recent issue of  "Shelf Awareness for Readers" (a weekly e-zine - free subscription HERE) they had an offer for a free downloadable sample package of pages from Perigee's adult coloring books.  Really, how could I resist?  I loaded a couple of pages of card stock into my printer and printed them out.  There are 8 pages of pictures that range from pretty simple looking to pretty darn complicated looking (to me anyway).  In the wise words of George R.R. Martin, "winter is coming", so I'll tuck them away and maybe pull one or two out some dark winter night to try while watching a movie?

If you're a frustrated artist (like me) or just like free stuff (like me) or are just curious before buying one of these books (like me) ... This is the LINK to the download.


Aw crap ... now I have to go and buy crayons and markers.

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