Saturday, 5 September 2015


I was in the general vicinity so I decided to pop into a Starbucks and treat myself to the, far too infrequent, indulgence of Skinny Vanilla Latte.  As it turns out, the Starbucks happens to be situated inside of a Chapters Bookstore.  Despite the fact that I promised myself (pinkie-swear and everything!) that I would not purchase any books for the next little while I decided to walk around a little bit ... just to have a peek at the "Bargain Books" shelves.

What could it hurt?

I wasn't going to buy anything!

As I was browsing "The Book of Medieval Puzzles" caught my eye.  I love giving books as gifts, especially to fellow book lovers, so I though this would make a perfect gift for my BFF who adores crosswords and puzzles and books set in Medieval times.  SCORE!!

I picked up the book to page through it only to discover that the cover had been put on incorrectly.  I opened the cover, turned the fly-leaf and the book was upside down.  Hmmm?  Maybe it was one of those backwards/forwards books, I thought.  Nope!  I checked it's brothers and sisters on the shelf and they were all fine.

It was just a whoops moment for the printer.

I've had book issues before ... missing pages, uncut pages ... and the booksellers have always been more than happy to replace the books for me.  But this one was different.  I had to buy it just for the novelty of it (it was only $4.99 and they gave me another 15% off because of the error).

I haven't decided yet if it will be a "gag gift" for my friend anyway ... I mean how could I resist? ... a puzzle book that's upside down, or whether I'll just keep it because it appeals to my sense of whimsy.

My photography skills are amateur at best but it gives you the idea.

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