Friday 29 May 2015

Feast or Famine

I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll probably mention again (‘cause I’m getting old and don’t always remember what I typed), that I use my library frequently (okay, the librarians and I are on a first name basis).  I am a faithful library patron because I read a lot and couldn’t possibly afford nor shelve that books I read.

A couple of months ago my Facebook status was “This is the first time in 15 months I have not had a book checked out at the library.  I wonder if they miss me?”

I love the fact that I can reserve books sitting at home in front of my computer, in my pajamas, and when they are available I get an email or a phone call letting me know I can come in and pick them up.  I use my small community library so I can park for free, run in, wave to the staff, pluck my reserves off the “HOLDS” shelf and be on my way.

It’s a great system.


My reserves usually trickle in at quite a sedate pace of one or two books at a time.  That’s perfect because it allows me to get through those books, some ARC’s and some books I couldn’t resist purchasing at the bookstore before the next of my holds come in.  Where my best-laid plans go a little sideways is when many of my requested books come in all at the same time.  That puts me on a real time crunch … after all, the loan period for my library books is three weeks and there is usually no renewal on them because other patrons are as eagerly awaiting the book as I was.

And that’s exactly what happened this week.  Five books came in all at once.  Add to those the three books I need to get through from Netgalley (2 of them non-fictions, which always take me a little longer to get through) and the two ARC’s I received from authors and I am going to be VERY busy reading over the next few weeks.

This was yesterday's haul.  Any suggestions on where to start?

Pfffffffffffffffffff … Sleep is over-rated anyway!

I came across this infographic recently and saved it because I thought it was interesting.  In light of my recent windfall of books all I have to say is … if the stats are true? … NO WORRIES!!

I’m picking up everybody else’s slack!


  1. Hi Christine, thank you for the follow on Bloglovin. Half of me envies you for the to-read books (the other half is taking a deep breath for I wouldn't know which to begin with either)! Have a good time reading, anyway.