Monday 18 January 2016

Uhmm! Really?

Sleep and I have had an on again/off again relationship lately.  On the plus side – its amazing how much reading one can get done in the quiet pre-dawn hours of the day.  This morning I finished the book I was reading so rather than jump right into another one I looked around on Facebook a little.  There is always plenty on there to whittle away a little bit more time before officially starting the day.

This morning I clicked on to a post by Book Riot entitled “Thirteen Things an Adult Should Actually be Embarrassed to Read“.  It was an interesting list until I got to #8.  Huh?  No clue what they were talking about??  What else to do but click on the link? Okay, so now it made sense – but – is this a real thing?

Book Least Likely to Appear in a School Library:
Penis Pokey by Christopher Behrens.
It’s a board book that, um, you stick your penis through. So.

Never mind “least likely to appear in a school library” … NEVER to be borrowed from ANYBODY and definitely NOT to be purchased at a used book venue of any kind!

As far as the rest of things adults should be embarrassed to read?  Here’s the list according to Book Riot.

1. Your significant other’s email. Don’t you read advice columns? This always ends badly.

2. Your friend’s book that you borrowed a really, really long time ago and never gave back.

3. A book with the movie version of the cover when the non-movie version of the cover is readily available.

4. A book that you have dropped in the bathtub, because you don’t have that fancy bathtub caddy thing to prevent such mishaps, Becky?

5. The last page of a book when you have not yet read all its other pages. That’s cheating.

6. A book that is trying to bite you. If you had read YA, you’d know to stroke the spine.

7. The Facebook feed of that person who you were never friends with but find oddly fascinating.

9. A book that is bound with human skin.

10. Other people’s text messages, even if they were in the bathroom when the text popped up and they’d never know you peeked.

11. A book that you don’t enjoy. Stop wasting your time.

12. Anything that tells you that other people’s feelings about what you read are important. They’re not.

13. Absolutely nothing, because you’re an adult and you can do what you want!

And I have to say ... LOVING this bag!

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