Wednesday 27 January 2016

Is There Something You Would Like to Tell Me?

Apparently, according to, there are 14 secrets that book lovers keep to themselves.  Anything you feel the need to get off your chest?

So, just what are these deep dark secrets that Bustle thinks we all share?

Lying about your weekend plans.

Not every book-lover is confident in saying her weekend will consist of devouring a few books and loving every second of it. Even if you love boasting about it, there's probably been at least a few times where you've told a little white lie about spending Friday night out and about rather than in your bed all curled up with a book.

Judging people by their bookshelves.

If you've ever walked into a date's room and can't seem to find a single book around, it's definitely a red flag to leave immediately.

Buying pretty new versions of books you already have.

You can never have too many Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Pride and Prejudice, right?

Pretending to have read each and every “classic” book out there.

When it comes down to certain classics you know you'll probably dislike (or gave up reading in high school) you can usually fake it if it ever comes up.

Book buying vs. grocery shopping.

You can live off of ramen and mac and cheese. Books are more important because they feed the soul.

Rereading a favorite book 10 to 20 times.

For books you love, maybe your favorite YA novel, or that quirky book no one has ever heard of, you've read them dozens of times. So many times, you could probably recite the beginning of each chapter, know exactly which page a quote comes from, and recall a character's physical traits better than your own.

Traveling means getting to see the most incredible bookstores around the world.

Traveling is one thing a book-lover does everyday (in our minds, of course). When we actually get to leave our home and visit new places around the globe, a habit I have, and many of my book-loving friends also share, is having to visit new and amazing bookstores everywhere we go.

Internet stalking your favorite author for hours.

Websites are filled with neat facts, extra writing, and fans just like you. Maybe you won't admit to it, but you've definitely internet stalked a well-loved author of yours a few times.

Imagining your life as a novel on a daily basis.

As a book-lover, you like to imagine how your life would look if it were documented in a book. If your life were in book-form, it would probably be a lot more exciting, which is exactly why you love thinking about it.

Creating perfect music playlists for reading (or specific books)

Creating playlists to listen to while reading a new book because once you’re done reading, that song will always remind me of that book and those characters. If you haven't tried this already, it'll become one of your favorite new secret habits.

Using phrases from certain characters as if you came up with it.

After finishing works by Virginia Wolff or Jane Austen, it's impossible to resist using incredible phrases like "as long as she thinks of a man, nobody objects to a woman thinking" and "intolerably stupid." Of course you very well know you didn't come up with it, as do most people, but you still love doing it.

Taking forever to finish a book because you don’t want it to end.

It's not an everyday habit, but when this happens, you're torn between wanting to finish and not wanting to move on.

Going to your favorite authors and books for advice.

Friends and family are usually great resources for advice on just about anything you're struggling with, but the best for book-lovers is found in books.

Spending a significant amount of time worrying about a fictional character.

On the train, in the middle of class, or during a dull meeting at work — thinking about characters is a major secret habit of any and every reader.


  1. Goodness is it bad that all of these are basically me? This was really fun to read!

    -Kayl @ Kayl's Krazy Obsession

  2. Yeah. I'm guilty of a few of these myself. Of course, not saying which ones! LOL