Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Keeping a Promise to Myself

It's been crazy hectic in my life over the past week ... functions to attend, changes at work, family stuff ... which left not a lot of time "me time".  I get a little squirrely if I don't have time to sit down read and decompress.

But I did manage to keep one promise to myself.  For weeks and weeks I have been driving by this sign for a Friends of the Library Giant Used Book Sale that was happening this past weekend (of course!).  I told myself that no matter what I was going!  So on Friday I drove in the parking lot and allowed myself one hour.  I had no agenda, I just wanted to go in and see if anything caught my eye.

Now this is the first of such sales that I have attended and I was overwhelmed at the size of the space, the volume of books and the throng of people.  One fellow was walking around with a shopping cart that he had no doubt "borrowed" from the parking lot of the grocery store down the street.  Now THAT is a SERIOUS book shopper!  I zeroed in on the sections that held the most appeal for me, browsed a little and (much to my surprise) found myself carrying books.

I did keep my promise to myself ... I attended the sale AND was in and out in one hour.

This is what I took home...

These three will be going to live at a friend's house.
(If anyone has read them let me know if I should read them before passing them along)

These will eventually be passed on but I want to look at them first.

These caught my eye and will find a home on my shelf.

This one I picked up because I have it's sisters ("Ghosts" and "Witches") on my shelf already.

And this one because it's less than two months until Christmas, I love Christopher Moore and although I listened to the audio book I do not have a hard cover among my Moore books.

My total output ... $23.00

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