Monday, 21 December 2015

In Other Words ... A Christmas Game

Wanna be my "Christmas game idea" focus group?

I’ve mentioned before that I am the group leader of a local TOPS chapter, so for the last several weeks we’ve been discussing how to survive holiday functions and the monumental amounts of food that are involved with any sort of celebration.  Tonight is our last meeting of 2015 so I thought it would be fun to have a games night complete with prizes.  Yes, yes … we are a small group of adults … but who doesn’t like to go home with a little something?

I saw a game online quite some time ago that I thought would be fun to play but of course when I went to look for it again I couldn't find the website (memo to self: Bookmark!).  So I decided to make up my own version ... I'm calling it "In Other Words" ... simply, well known Christmas carol titles explain in "other words".

So back to being my Christmas game guinea pigs focus group … and if you tell me the whole idea really sucks … then my group will have to fall back on word scrambles and bingo.

Can you figure out these 25 well known Christmas Carols when they are described in other words?

For example:

"Evidence of moth munching after sundown"

would translate into ...


Get it?

Don’t worry, there are no obscure carols such as “Six White Boomers” – although come to think of it – THAT would have made an awesome bonus question!

SORRY … there are no prizes for the guinea pigs focus group.

Wanna play?

I think some are easier than others but in no order of difficulty …

1.  Hoping not to visit the dentist during the holidays.

2.  Spanish Christmas Classic

3.  Shut up when it’s dark outside.

4.  A water horse is on my wish list.

5.  Small city in the Middle East.

6.  Tiny male percussionist.

7.  Wife is witnessed cheating on husband with Christmas icon.

8.  Nureyev namesake quadruped with a fortuitous birth defect.

9.  Excuse me?  What was that sound?

10. The opposite of Black Easter.

11. Royal trio from the Far East we be!

12. Ms. Channing or Ms. Burnett of the chimes.

13. Pealing clappers.

14. Also a song by Three Dog Night.

15. German coniferous yuletide symbol.

16. December 14th to December 25th.

17. The floor of a ship used to decorate passageways.

18. The color of Elvis Presley’s shoes on December 25th.

19. Chilly balls of frozen precipitation wearing a top hat.

20. Family matriarch in tragic accident on Christmas Eve.

21. The expected vision of the season is starting to happen.

22. It looks like there will be nary an item for me in my stocking or under the tree.

23. Stonehenge surrounding the pine scented Christmas symbol.

24. Steeple noisemakers – not golden.

25. St. Nick will be arriving in your habitat.

 I know what you are all thinking ...
 If anyone is interested I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

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