Sunday 6 December 2015

A Bookish Christmas Tree

One of the members in our local "Little Libraries" community makes crafts.  She posted a picture of this Christmas tree she made out of an old (hopefully, not salvageable) book.  I thought it looked great and would make a lovely and quite festive addition to a bookshelf.  Something about its quaint and old fashioned look appeals to me.

A couple of days ago she posted instructions so I messaged her for permission to post her craft idea on my blog to share with everyone here.  Kindly, she said yes.

Pam's instructions ...

Book Tree Tutorial

What you will need:
- an old book, the older the better
- corrugated cardboard
- zigzag scissors
- a shish-kabob skewer
- a base for your tree (I use candle holders)
- a tree topper (a button or broach)

1. Cut squares out in various sizes. My largest size is about 4x4". I used 5 different sizes. I used about 30 pieces book page of each size.
2. Cut out about 30 pieces of cardboard. These can be small as they are just to use for spacing between the book pages so you don't have to use as much paper to make the tree look full.
3.Cut out one piece of cardboard as big as your biggest piece of paper to use as your base.
4. Glue a piece of page to it to cover it up.
5. Pierce the center of the base with your skewer.
6. Put the squares of paper on the skewer, rotating them each time.
7. After every 5 squares, put a piece of cardboard on the skewer.
8. Decrease size of square every 30 pieces of paper or so.
9. Glue the base to you candle holder.
10. Put the topper on.
Easy, just time consuming and a bit messy! The bigger the squares you use and the more pieces you use, the bigger tree you will have. I want to make a really big one out of an old music book I found.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me on my craft page:

I'm not very crafty but this is something I think I could pull off making!?!?!?!

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