Thursday 21 May 2015

Book Gadgets - "The Thumb Thing"

Today I kind of knocked myself on the forehead with the heel of my hand and thought, "Now why couldn't I think of that?"  The answer, of course, is because my brain is not wired with an "inventor" mode option, which is why I will be perpetually poor ... that and my enormous book budget.

While looking around on line today I came across this nifty little gadget ... and I want one!

What is it?

I'm so glad you asked!

It's called THE THUMB THING and it would allow me to read one handed, comfortably.


Well, if you are at all like me you take every opportunity possible to crack open the pages of a book and sneak in some reading time.  As the website blurb says, imagine being a commuter (well, I am, but I drive now due to no public transportation between home and work) and being on a bus or subway during rush hour.  I've been in that situation and I know that I always ended up standing.  I wanted to read but that involved hooking my arm around one of those metal posts and trying to hold on with my elbow so that I could hold my book in my hand.

(now beware, this might fall into TMI territory)
One of my favorite times to read is when I am having a meal by myself, but it can get a little awkward if you are trying to use a knife and fork.  You know how it goes ... put the book down, the pages close of their own volition, put a morsel of food in your mouth and while you are chewing you try and find the page you were on and by the time you find it, it's time to put the book down again and use your knife and fork ... REPEAT!  This gadget not only lets you hold your book comfortably open without the "thumb slippage" but works as a bookmark for when you need to put the book down.  Okay, okay, I could use a regular bookmark, but in my (considerable) experience I tuck the bookmark in between two other pages so it doesn't get in the way of my reading and then as I'm turning the pages while reading it falls out; usually onto the floor or into something -- just annoying!

Oh yes, I know what you're thinking now!  Why don't I just put the book upside down to hold it open?  You see the problem with that is if there is anything on the table ... even something as innocent as a drop of water or, EGADS, as threatening as a drip of pasta sauce, gravy or coffee unknowingly on the table ... those book pages are going to suck it up like sponge towels and then my book (in my eyes) is totally ruined.  (Am I compulsive much?)

No, no, NO ... don't even utter the words ... I don't want to hear anything about dog-eared pages!  Not to mention that I use my library a lot and they frown on turned down page corners.

Oh, oh, OH ... how useful would this be in bed when I am trying to read one of those many-paged books by Stephen King or Ken Follett.  You know the ones I mean ... those door stopper sized tomes.

Your next question is probably about using an e-reader.  Yes, I do have a tablet I read on, but my preference has always been, and I think always will be, a real book.

BONUS POINTS ... it keeps the spine from getting broken.

Sadly, the site I looked at does not do direct sales but, you can bet, if and when I come across one of these little gems in my local bookstore I'm gonna stock up, and probably buy some for those of my family and friends equally reading obsessed.

I used to have one of these back in the day, and it was great because it held the book up all be itself at the right angle to read and you could place it right in front of you, hands free.  It was marvelous in the kitchen, for cookbooks, while I was following a recipe.  Alas, it would be awkward to carry around and use on the bus or in restaurants and coffee shops ... stop rolling your eyes at me ... I don't mind dining alone and YES I read while I do it.  Also, not so great for reading in bed.

This "Book Clip" would be a close second, but I foresee problems with removing and replacing it every time I want to turn the page.

Okay, so maybe there is no perfect solution to my dilemma, but where there is a will there is a way.

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