Wednesday 12 October 2016

Paris Bookshops - Part Deux

Okay, I'm the first to admit that Pays de Poche may technically not be a bookstore ... more of a artisan gift shop, but I'm including it here anyway because as we were strolling along Rue Galande a "book" in the window caught my eye and begged me to go in and browse a little bit.  What a treasure this little shop turned out to be.  Filled with whimsical figures that looked hand carved, beautiful jewellery (of which I had forbidden myself to buy on this trip because I'm far too attracted to bright, shiny things), stained glass and unique gift items of every description.  I wanted to take more pics but was politely asked not to take pics inside the store.  I could certainly understand the request because their inventory was so unique.  I'm sure many of the items were "one of a kind" finds.  Alas, if the proprietor had realized how "uncrafty" I am and that I wasn't trying to steal ideas he might have given me the go ahead.

The book that caught my eye in the window?  It looked like a grimoire that might start speaking to me at any moment.  Truthfully, although the inside pages were blank, I'm not too sure what it might be used for besides a conversation piece.  I was quite enamored but with an 89 Euro price tag it seemed a bit much to pick up on a whim.

These two were inside the store and I snapped the pic before I was asked not to take pictures.

Note of interest:  When I asked Google to translate "Pays de Poche" it gave me "Pocket Countries" ... a little disappointing so I am convinced that somehow it means something much more whimsical.

An honorable mention goes to this little store.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the store's name and have no idea where it was located in our many walks but the display window caught my attention - as it should.  The books were held up in, what seemed to me, quite a charming, old fashioned way ... thumbtacks with string holding the books in place.

After I snapped the pic and started to walk away I turned back only to notice the proprietress changing the display in the second window.  There she stood with the display window open to the street, her bag of books sitting on the sidewalk as she changed out the selections on offer.  I found it charmingly old school.

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